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Pigeons, we hates pigeonses

Or, A Farewell To Indy Cat The downside to getting a kitten (or puppy, or … you get the idea) is that you’ve started yourself on the inexorable continuum from the fluffy excitement of “Aww, cute” to the guilt-inducing heartbreak of “Sorry chum, but now we have to kill you”. Indy Cat has been part […]

Skyfall: a mixed bag, Mr Bond

This rambling contains spoilers. Look away now if you haven’t yet seen Skyfall and care about such things. Actually, although there are spoilers, they’re unlikely to spoil much, as most of the moments referenced are telegraphed well in advance during the film. But still, it’s only polite to warn you … Depending on who you read, Skyfall […]

Reasons to be cheerful

It’s hard to believe, I know, but sometimes I can be a miserable, cynical, grumpy old git. In a (probably futile) attempt to counteract this tendency, I have resolved two things: I’m going to stop bitching about work. So if people ask me how work’s going, I shall at worst respond with “OK” before changing […]

Up to a point, Mr Larkin

I’ve had an affection for Philip Larkin’s poetry since school days. As a rule it’s short, accessible, and to the point; all qualities I value in poetry. That it’s generally somewhat cynical and perverse is just an added bonus. As someone who studied English at university, I probably ought to be more moved by epic […]

Fanning the flame

I had thoroughly intended to ignore the passing of the Olympic Torch through my home town.  Partly because I was expecting to be at a band practice, and partly because I’m supremely unfussed about the Olympics (and indeed most sporty stuff).  Add to that a general disgruntlement with the huge mental and ethical disconnect between […]