My chin is cold!

You may or may not be aware that we are currently in the month of Movember.  No, that’s not a typo, it’s Movember.

Movember is an annual campaign to raise awareness of men’s health, particular prostrate and testicular cancer, and also to raise funds for the same.  It does this primarily through encouraging men to grow moustaches and to gain sponsorship for doing so, just for the duration of November.

Prostate cancer has probably touched most people’s lives, either directly, or through friends and family. It certainly has mine (indirectly, so far!). So each year as Movember rolled around, I always felt disenfranchised by the fact that I’m a long-standing beardy, thus making the whole “grow a moustache” schtick a little redundant.

This year, however, the little brain worked overtime, and taking inspiration from Lemmy I decided rather than growing a mo, I could simply lose a chunk of beard.  So I have.  And my chin is cold.

Shattering the not exactly rigorous anonymity of the site, if anyone wants to donate to the cause in response to me looking like a muppet for a few weeks (Lemmy doesn’t, he’s Lemmy; I, on the other hand, do, because I’m not) then please go to my profile at Movember and do the honours.