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C25K: Week 8

Disaster strikes! The mid-week runs went OK – slow, but OK. Last weekend, however, I was utterly shattered – just bone weary – all weekend. We held off until Sunday afternoon to go out, but even then I wasn’t really in the right place mentally. We also decided to reverse our route, so rather than […]

C25K: Week 7

Belated end to Week 7 due to a thoroughly enjoyable visit to see my sister-in-law at the weekend.  Thank heaven for bank holidays, otherwise we’d have had to run when we got back on Sunday night.  Managed to push the pace a little bit, but the sleep deficit took its toll – only just hit […]

C25k: Week 5

Well, guck me fently, I’ve just jogged for 20 minutes without stopping. OK, for fit people that’s nothing special. For me it’s more or less miraculous. The pace/distance wasn’t great, but we actually did it without saying “Sod this, let’s go get some sweeties instead”. It would seem this plan thing actually has merit. So, […]

C25K: Week 4 ends

Late night, early morning.  Ugh.  Get up to a nice looking day.  Have a drink, let it settle, get changed to go out … downpour!  Thunder!  Gee, thanks. Despite incurring nature’s wrath, we press on.  Alarmingly, Mrs Snags has found a previously untapped degree of bounce and energy, meaning that the first two sections of […]

C25K: Week 3

Another one down, and feeling quite pleased. Had to do the final session after a weekend away, and still did it, ending feeling refreshed. Did get caught in a thunderstorm, and legs sore from nettles, but hey, we also got to see a beautiful double rainbow. Not looking forward to Tuesday when it all steps […]