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How not to do the web:

I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been meaning to, had lots rattling around, but until now haven’t had sufficient motivation (read: annoyance) to find the time. Seeking to make a simple purchase from the re-branded Kingsway website has just changed all of that. A masterclass in how not to do it.

n Things You Need To Know About x

This is going to sound extra-grumpy, but really isn’t meant to be. But in for a penny … Social media, click-driven advertising and viral marketing combined with a healthy dose of saccharine gloop have combined to create an unholy spawn of “n Things You Need To Know About x”. They’re usually about professions with a vocational […]

On time and perspective

There’s a photo on the wall in our hall, showing Mrs Snags and me on our honeymoon. Every time I see it, a couple of things come to mind. Well, actually, many things, but two that are relevant to this particular post. The first is the memory of thinking back then “OK, I’m a bit […]

Random mockery

Had a bit of  Sisters of Mercy sesh this afternoon. Which was nice. Listening to Vision Thing again brought back to mind the review from the student rag when I was at Leeds. An oh-so-superior reviewer with an inverted-snob thing about Goths was doing his best to rubbish it.

Books and Covers

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Which is pretty daft, as the cover is deliberately created and chosen to say something about the book. It’s supposed to encourage the kind of people who might like the book (and a few others besides) to pick it up, buy it, read it. In […]