The ‘About’ Guff

So, what’s this all about then?

Well, a number of things. Partly an opportunity to have a play with WordPress and see how it hangs together a bit. Partly a (vanity, naturally) repository for various thoughts, rants and other things I just need to get off my chest. Mostly something that will probably never be used in anger, as chances are the only people who will find it will know who I am, making some of the likely rants and ponderings potentially – but never intentionally, see Disclaimer – fraught (not because they’re meant to be, but because people will read in stuff that’s not there).

Still, what’s life without a bit of risk, eh?

So, we shall see. Maybe I’ll ramble on from time to time about the joys of being involved in the “worship” team in a church, or the excruciating mental agony of trying to provide IT support and advice to people on a professional basis. Maybe I’ll have the courage to post some of my (highly infrequent, rarely polished) creative musings. Maybe I’ll just sound off at random. More than likely, this will be the only thing that gets posted here ever …