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How not to do the web:

I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been meaning to, had lots rattling around, but until now haven’t had sufficient motivation (read: annoyance) to find the time. Seeking to make a simple purchase from the re-branded Kingsway website has just changed all of that. A masterclass in how not to do it.

Be careful what you ask for

Somebody nice recently asked me to write something about prayer. I demurred, on the grounds that they had the wrong person in their sights. They misunderstood, and thought I’d said I’d do it. Which was awkward. So I did it. And here it is, for what it’s worth.

Top Tips for Service Leaders (#1 in an occasional series)

When leading a spontaneous prayer for Christians Against Poverty, don’t change your mind part way through the first word from saying their name in full to just using the acronym CAP. This is not conducive to an appropriate atmosphere. Hypothetically speaking.

Niggling on a tangent

As I have no idea who reads this, I want to say at the start that this isn’t meant as a ¬†piece of polemic, or an attack on anyone. Nor is it angry,¬†emotional, crusading, righteously indignant or smugly superior. It’s just some calm, intellectually dispassionate thoughts that are rattling around the old noggin following some […]

On being “born again”

Just had one of those mental “thunk!” moments. So often in evangelical circles the phrase “Born again” carries with it an arrogant swagger. As if the proponent had been born again, complete and fully formed, replete with all the answers to everything. Perhaps we’d do well to remember that when one is born again, one […]