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How not to do the web:

I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been meaning to, had lots rattling around, but until now haven’t had sufficient motivation (read: annoyance) to find the time. Seeking to make a simple purchase from the re-branded Kingsway website has just changed all of that. A masterclass in how not to do it.

Outshone by the dog

So, the dog has now arrived, the house is thrown into even more chaos than normal, and it turns out that he’s a more prolific blogger than I am. Mind, he has a lot more time, of course, given that all he does is have bursts of insanity followed by huge sleeps, whilst I’m out […]

Operation Dog

As there is much in life currently winding me up, I thought it would be good to focus on something that is bringing a promise of joy (as well as a modest dose of fear/sanity questioning). Tomorrow should, all being well, see us collect a new member of the household: Gibson the Bernese Mountain Dog. […]

Here’s to getting on with it

They say that everyone has, or thinks they have, at least one novel in them. I’m not sure about that, but I have always enjoyed words, and liked theĀ idea of writing. From time to time I’ve even enjoyed the practice of writing. Despite that, other than some dismal childhood attempts at short stories (well, they […]


Funny thing, alcohol. I couldn’t initiate or sustain a romantic relationship without it. On the evidence of the average Friday night a significant number of people can’t sustain a romantic relationship because of it. So, know your strengths, and play to them people.