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Voice dial

The voice dial function on the phone is hugely useful, and hugely impressive. No training required, just activate, say “Call [Person]” and suffix with home, work or mobile to get the right number, and (most of the time) it works it out perfectly. So it really shouldn’t bug me that it mis-pronounces some of my […]

ID 10 T issues

The next person who laughingly tells me “Oh, I don’t understand any of that computer stuff, I just let my (pre)teenage kid sort it out.  They know so much more about it than we do, don’t they?  It’s all just natural to them” may well get punched in the teeth.

Email of the day

Quite probably the best email I’ll receive all week.  A Nony Mouse person needed to send us in a laptop, and proceeded to have a little email conversation with themselves whilst writing to me.  It went like this: “Hi.  I’ve got the laptop, but I haven’t got a box or anything. Is it OK to […]

You know when you’ve been Mango’d

The next major release of Windows Phone 7 is out, and to my enormous surprise, has actually made it to my phone remarkably quickly. I haven’t totally got my head around all the new bits yet, but so far all seems well, and the good outweighs the bad, which is nice. Good stuff found so […]

Posting from the phone

I suspect this may prove unwise, given the issues with typing quickly and accurately on a mobile touchscreen, but at least it’s another way to while away some time. Especially as all the good thoughts inevitably come when away from a computer. Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone