I came, I ran, I didn’t die

Well, what do you know.  This evening I have learnt a number of things.

I have learnt that spending a significant sum of money on posh running shoes is indeed sufficient motivation to get me out of the house and running.

I have learnt that when Hilly posh sporting socks claim to be size UK 11-13 they’re lying.  Or rather, the foot bit is the right size, but they forgot to allow for the fact that you actually need to be able to get the damn things on and off without tearing them, because the heel design is crap.

I have learnt that I was right to only buy one pair.  Normal socks for me from now on.

I have learnt that the offensively bright running shoes don’t actually look too bad once they’re muddied up a bit.

I have learnt that nettles do indeed still sting.

I have learnt that actually following a sensible programme to get started does seem to work.   Even if it confirms what I already knew – that I’m copiously unfit.

It remains to be seen whether I learn that you can actually go from nothing to running 5k in just 8 weeks, but the first 25 minutes are now officially behind me, and the journey begun.   Even if I could have walked the same distance more quickly.

And I have learnt that I really don’t look good in lycra.  Which of course was no surprise to anybody.