Here’s to getting on with it

They say that everyone has, or thinks they have, at least one novel in them.

I’m not sure about that, but I have always enjoyed words, and liked the idea of writing. From time to time I’ve even enjoyed the practice of writing. Despite that, other than some dismal childhood attempts at short stories (well, they were going to be novels, but when you’re ten years old and easily bored, a few pages is as good as it gets) and the obligatory Uni-aged angst-laden stabs at poetry (trust me, it really is obligatory if you’re on any kind of respectable humanities course), I’ve never really knuckled down and done anything about it.

Well, that’s about to change …

Inspired by a variety of sources, I’ve decided it’s time to stop mooning about thinking about all the things I haven’t done, and get on and do some of them. All of the obstacles still exist: overly self-critical; brain works best in the morning (should be earning a living) and at stupid o’clock (should be sleeping to facilitate earning a living); inherently lazy; not great with self-discipline; fundamentally a bit crap full stop. But knickers and indeed bum, these things are not earth-shattering disabilities. A bit less vegging in front of the one-eyed god of the evening, a bit more remembering how to use a pen … how hard can it be?

So, humble reader (I see the stats, I know there’s only one), as a first baby step I give you Pwms Wot I Did Wrote. A little home from home where little bits of creativity may spring up from time to time.

It may all be rubbish. I may get bored within a few weeks. It could all just be an infatuation. It probably won’t lead to a best-selling series of nail-biting novels. But it might be fun. Who knows?