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Reasons to be cheerful

It’s hard to believe, I know, but sometimes I can be a miserable, cynical, grumpy old git. In a (probably futile) attempt to counteract this tendency, I have resolved two things: I’m going to stop bitching about work. So if people ask me how work’s going, I shall at worst respond with “OK” before changing […]

Up to a point, Mr Larkin

I’ve had an affection for Philip Larkin’s poetry since school days. As a rule it’s short, accessible, and to the point; all qualities I value in poetry. That it’s generally somewhat cynical and perverse is just an added bonus. As someone who studied English at university, I probably ought to be more moved by epic […]

Cowboys and Aliens

Got around to watching this last night whilst visiting the sister-in-law. Enjoyable hokum, totally implausible, but with a subtly bizarre Hollywood morality. Racial, class, familial and personal harmony and enlightenment achieved through the obvious and not at all gung-ho medium of beating the living shit out of a common enemy. Good guys (with or without […]

C25K: Week 6

Well, still hanging in there.  In fact, just back from the first run of week 7.  Finished week 6 in “grim determination” mode, on the back of naff all sleep following a Street Pastors evening and a fairly full, hot Saturday but managed it with a nice, steady and decidedly slow pace. Picked it up […]

ID 10 T issues

The next person who laughingly tells me “Oh, I don’t understand any of that computer stuff, I just let my (pre)teenage kid sort it out.  They know so much more about it than we do, don’t they?  It’s all just natural to them” may well get punched in the teeth.