Random questions: #1 in an occasional series

Or at least in what may become an occasional series.

This one arises from being out with a local Street Pastors team last Friday.  It was one of those classic moments – a random question called out by a passing reveller, swept away by his mates before there was any chance to do anything other than shout out a cheerful quick response.  Not that we’re out and about in order to indulge in the cut and thrust of intellectual debate, but in the small hours conversations where at least one half is well lubricated tend to the banal or the philosophical …

“What do you think of gay people?”

I’m guessing from the way he asked (jovial, but with a cheeky edge) he thought he knew the answer.  Which is a shame, because I only had time for a quick “Same as I think of anyone else”, which wasn’t exactly wildly snappy as a comeback, and then he was gone, swept on to the next venue, or possibly a cab home.

Still, Mr Random Chap, although I doubt you’ll ever get to see this, I’d like to answer your question a little more fully.

There is a fairly fundamental problem, in that what I think about gay people is that … they’re people.  Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, thin, fat, young, old, happy, sad, full of hopes, fears, dreams and maybe the odd wistful regret. You know, the way that people are.  Made in the image of God, and loved just as much as the rest of us.  Which renders the question a bit pointless, because I don’t particularly think of “gay people” in any special way, in the general course of things.

So if you’re looking to start an argument, next time you’d be better off asking what I think about reality TV, X Factor, and the race to the bottom of the evolutionary, cultural, intellectual, moral and ethical tree that is lad’s mags and gossip rags.  That way you’ll get some genuine invective, and a real opportunity to be offended by my intolerant views.

Oh, and if you come out dragged up and can’t manage the walk home in your heels, I’m sure I or one of my colleagues will have some flip-flops for you …