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Books and Covers

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Which is pretty daft, as the cover is deliberately created and chosen to say something about the book. It’s supposed to encourage the kind of people who might like the book (and a few others besides) to pick it up, buy it, read it. In […]

Be careful what you ask for

Somebody nice recently asked me to write something about prayer. I demurred, on the grounds that they had the wrong person in their sights. They misunderstood, and thought I’d said I’d do it. Which was awkward. So I did it. And here it is, for what it’s worth.

Random questions: #1 in an occasional series

Or at least in what may become an occasional series. This one arises from being out with a local Street Pastors team last Friday. ┬áIt was one of those classic moments – a random question called out by a passing reveller, swept away by his mates before there was any chance to do anything other […]