C25k: Week 2

The second week of our “Couch to 5k” plan should have ended on Saturday, but after a late night (early morning?) out with Street Pastors, followed by an early get-up to take one of the cats to the vet, Saturday turned into a bit of a wipe out.

So, Sunday morning it was up bright and breezy, walk down to church, mostly stay awake through the service, come home, collect SWMBO and off out to do our final session.  It was a beautiful day, and were it not for the wheezing and “Dear God please let it STOP” aspects of the whole running thing, a delightful time to be out and about.  Even if I did suddenly realise that the first half of our chosen route is uphill all the way.  What was I thinking?

Still, we finished on a high note, having finally broken a total distance of two miles and done the whole thing at our fastest pace yet.  I don’t expect this to continue tomorrow when we start Week 3, however …