Email of the day

Quite probably the best email I’ll receive all week.  A Nony Mouse person needed to send us in a laptop, and proceeded to have a little email conversation with themselves whilst writing to me.  It went like this:

“Hi.  I’ve got the laptop, but I haven’t got a box or anything.

Is it OK to just send it in the laptop bag?

Or does it need more packing than that?

I guess it ought to go in a box, shouldn’t it?

Yeah, it needs a box.  OK, I’ve answered my own question …”

The best bit is that the person who sent it is a) really nice and b) generally quite bright about this kind of thing.  Which meant it tipped over the edge from desk-banging incredulity that someone would even contemplate couriering a laptop in just a weedy laptop bag[1] into warm hilarity at the unfolding thought process.  Marvellous.  A Nony Mouse client, you made my day :o)


[1] Given that we’ve received them in nothing more than a jiffy bag before, I suppose these things shouldn’t still surprise me, but hey, every day is a voyage of discovery …