C25K: Week 4 ends

Late night, early morning.  Ugh.  Get up to a nice looking day.  Have a drink, let it settle, get changed to go out … downpour!  Thunder!  Gee, thanks.

Despite incurring nature’s wrath, we press on.  Alarmingly, Mrs Snags has found a previously untapped degree of bounce and energy, meaning that the first two sections of running are pushed somewhat harder than before.  End result we get our best times yet, and I even get below a 13 minute mile average (just) if Endomondo is to be believed.  I am, however, on my knees by the end of it, particularly as we cover enough distance to put a short, sharp slope right at the end of the session.  Tactical error.

Still, onwards and upwards to week 5.  Tuesday I’m looking forward to.  Thursday is achievable.  Next weekend … that I’m still far from convinced about, as it will be the first time we have to run continuously without brief walking breaks.