Voice dial

The voice dial function on the phone is hugely useful, and hugely impressive. No training required, just activate, say “Call [Person]” and suffix with home, work or mobile to get the right number, and (most of the time) it works it out perfectly.

So it really shouldn’t bug me that it mis-pronounces some of my friends’ names. But it does. It bugs me immensely.

I don’t mind that it gets them wrong the first time. After all, they’re my friends, the phone doesn’t know them. It just seems plain rude, however, that after I’ve said their name clearly, on more than one occasion, the lady in the phone still hasn’t worked out how to say it properly.

She recognises it and dials, but she can’t say it. That’s just plain rude that is. Can’t she put a bit of effort in? She wouldn’t like it if I persisted in saying her friends’ names incorrectly.

And what’s worse is, I know I’m a little bit mental for letting it get to me, but it still does.