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Funny thing, alcohol. I couldn’t initiate or sustain a romantic relationship without it. On the evidence of the average Friday night a significant number of people can’t sustain a romantic relationship because of it. So, know your strengths, and play to them people.

Voice dial

The voice dial function on the phone is hugely useful, and hugely impressive. No training required, just activate, say “Call [Person]” and suffix with home, work or mobile to get the right number, and (most of the time) it works it out perfectly. So it really shouldn’t bug me that it mis-pronounces some of my […]

Top Tips for Service Leaders (#1 in an occasional series)

When leading a spontaneous prayer for Christians Against Poverty, don’t change your mind part way through the first word from saying their name in full to just using the acronym CAP. This is not conducive to an appropriate atmosphere. Hypothetically speaking.