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How not to do the web:

I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been meaning to, had lots rattling around, but until now haven’t had sufficient motivation (read: annoyance) to find the time. Seeking to make a simple purchase from the re-branded Kingsway website has just changed all of that. A masterclass in how not to do it.

Oops, I did it again

A complete failure to plan ahead and get someone else to do it for me, coupled with an unwillingness to use a Nooma twice in a row (at least, twice in a row with me leading) left me stuck with doing the talk again.   I still don’t enjoy it. So, in case it’s of wider […]

The day I did The Talk

Background So there I am, quite content to lead the odd reflective service, when all of a sudden we discover there’s no-one around to do the talky bit for one of them.  No problem, how hard can it be, right? Armed with a fairly clear idea of what I should talk about, I set out […]

Recurring irritations: the ‘W’ word

Worship bugs me. Not the doing of it (although that has its moments), but the way we mis-use, mis-apply, and limit the word so much. Periodically I think I’ve got over it, but then I discover I haven’t. The latest provocation to twitchiness comes courtesy of a seed sown at Spring Harvest, watered by various […]