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C25k: Week 2

The second week of our “Couch to 5k” plan should have ended on Saturday, but after a late night (early morning?) out with Street Pastors, followed by an early get-up to take one of the cats to the vet, Saturday turned into a bit of a wipe out. So, Sunday morning it was up bright […]

Week 1: The Verdict So Far

Well, we’ve just completed the third session of week 1 (delayed due to having to work yesterday).   Rather surprisingly, it’s kind of fun, although I’m still a little alarmed that at some point we’re going to have to run all the time and not break it up with bits of walking.  But we shall see. […]

I came, I ran, I didn’t die

Well, what do you know.  This evening I have learnt a number of things.

Thunderbirds are (nearly) go!

Well, it’s looking alarmingly like this whole running thing is going to actually happen. Finally managed to get some shoes that fit, and no longer have house guests, so … tonight’s the night!   The conversion of slob to running fiend commences. In theory I’ll be out three times a week following a set programme […]

Run, fat boy, run

Or “Oh my good golly gosh, am I really going to do this?” Ha-ha Bonk! Anyone reading this who actually knows me will, by the end of it, either be in stitches of laughter, or shaking their head saying “It’ll never happen”. Both quite reasonable reactions.  Hopefully only the first one will prevail, however.