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Run, fat boy, run

Or “Oh my good golly gosh, am I really going to do this?” Ha-ha Bonk! Anyone reading this who actually knows me will, by the end of it, either be in stitches of laughter, or shaking their head saying “It’ll never happen”. Both quite reasonable reactions.  Hopefully only the first one will prevail, however.

No Vision for Lent

Or, more accurately, no Television for Lent. Despite being more or less aware of Lent over the years, I’ve never really gone in for the “giving something up” thing (or the “taking something up” either).  Partly because self-discipline is a foreign language, and partly because it always seems to be a bit of a token […]

That Elusive Killer App

Although I still work in IT, I’m a long way out of the development game.  Which is a shame, because I’ve finally identified the killer app to make the author rich beyond his wildest dreams.  In this brave new world of social networking, where even your sister’s cat has its own Page on Facebook, and […]

Random questions: #1 in an occasional series

Or at least in what may become an occasional series. This one arises from being out with a local Street Pastors team last Friday.  It was one of those classic moments – a random question called out by a passing reveller, swept away by his mates before there was any chance to do anything other […]

My chin is cold!

You may or may not be aware that we are currently in the month of Movember.  No, that’s not a typo, it’s Movember. Movember is an annual campaign to raise awareness of men’s health, particular prostrate and testicular cancer, and also to raise funds for the same.  It does this primarily through encouraging men to […]